Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If It's On, We Have to Watch It

The other night, my husband and I were watching TV after dinner, which we often do, and flipping channels until we came across a movie my husband really likes, Total Recall (1990). I've watched it once or once and change, meaning I've seen the whole thing through once but I've seen snippets of it, of varying lengths and at various places within the film, many times. Why? Because it's one of those movies that we seem to always have to watch if it happens to be on. There are a bunch of movies like this in our house:
  • Bridget Jones's Diary (2001),
  • Legally Blonde (2001),
  • The Godfather (1972) (part one and/or two),
  • Clueless (1995),
  • most Star Trek and Star Wars movies,
  • most Back to the Future movies,
  • and so on.
Every once in a while I think about buying some of these movies on DVD but then I think, why bother when it's on TV practically every week- and I watch it every time I find it?

Do you or your household have movies like this? Like, no matter how many times you've seen it, if it's on you'll watch it, or watch part of it? Has this ever caused, you know, domestic friction? Of course my husband and I are totally content with whatever the other wants to watch!


  1. lol...Sean is much more eclectic than I, shall we say?
    "We can watch something else," he'll say, and I (feeling like a stick in the mud) reply, "No, honey, it's fine." and go about picking up the clutter in the living room or keeping our drinks topped off...

    we don't just watch t.v. anymore, flipping channels; but before Sean, a roommate and I could always count on annual showings of Sleeping with the Enemy and Pelican's Brief, and so we would watch those, happy to see them listed. and steel magnolias, too...hmm, I guess Julia Roberts films get a lot of tv time?!


  2. Too funny! There are certain movies that if my husband comes across, he just HAS to watch! Animal House, Bachelor Party, anything with Rodney Dangerfield, etc.

    I'm more the type that wants to watch the shiny, new movie I've never seen before instead of rewatching an old one....although I will admit to watching Raiders of the Lost Ark five times! ;)

  3. I work at a 911 center and we have a big flat screen tv...being one of the newer dispatchers I have no control over the remote, so the 'must watch' rule courtesy of Bubba the Shift Commander is as follows, in order of urgency.
    1. If there is a John Wayne movie on, we're watching it, no matter how many times we've seen that particular one.
    2. If there is no JW movie, but a.Tombstone b.Unforgiven c. Any movie depicting Doc Holliday, et al, is on, we have to watch it.
    3. Barring the availability of 1 or 2, we watch four back to back eps of COPS, unless wrestling is on.
    4. After that, NCIS. Then Two and a Half Men.
    I never expected in my teen crush years that I'd grow to hate Charlie Sheen so. Much.

    For myself, my ultimate 'must watch if its on' movies are All About Eve, Kill Bill 1 or 2, and The Matrix.

  4. of course we do! In our case it would be Back to the future and star wars too, but also the italian movies with Totò (don't know if you know him, he's an italian comedian from Naples, from the 50's) and certain Disney movies. Other movies I recall not being able to turn off were the movies on Christmas (Santa Clause, Family Guy..)and definitely the ones with Peter Sellers.

  5. My husband is worse than me at this. If he finds any of the Back to the Future movies, Braveheart, any of the Matrix movies or Titanic (I know, weird) he will watch it in its entirety. And I will make fun of him :)