Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Sitting Around Watching Movies

So my husband and I are both sick today- he's worse off than I am, with a bona fide flu- and so of course the TV is on and the movies are playing.

First up this morning was the atrocious Clash of the Titans (2010), which I basically ignored. About the only good thing I can say is that Alexander Siddig of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had a bit part as Hermes. Other than that it just seemed like a lot of noise and nothing. Now we have The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) on the DVD player; hard to believe this movie is already ten years old. I think Jeff will probably end up watching most of the trilogy today! We'll see.

What do you like to watch when you're sick in bed? I find watching movies infinitely easier than reading when I'm sick; usually I lack the concentration to read if I'm good and truly ill. But my movie comfort food is pretty different from his; I'm more likely to pop in a love story like A Very Long Engagement (2004) or a girly chick flick like Legally Blonde (2001).

What's your cinematic comfort food? Do you watch whatever's on TV or stream something or settle in with a pack of DVDs?


  1. I still turn to Benny and Joon when I'm not feeling good. I've also been known to pop-in some random Harry Potter movie. Of course, then I have to watch at least the one that comes after that.

  2. One of my favorite cinematic comfort foods probably is Gladiator with Russell Crowe. Whenever I'm really sick, I always have to pop it into the DVD player and watch it at least once.

  3. I prefer watching films to reading when I am sick. I usually watch a romance or something light, where I don't have added tension.

  4. IndieReader, movies with lots of sequels are great for sick days! :-)

    Unfinished, Huh. I've never seen Gladiator. I know we have it. It's probably the only DVD we own that one of us has never watched.

    LorriMilli, exactly!

  5. I find it easier to watch a movie over reading when I'm sick too. Less need to concentrate. I think I'm more likely to pop in a romantic comedy at times like that--something light and familiar.

  6. One of my favorites to watch when I'm sick or feeling down is Woody Allen's Manhattan Murder Mystery.

  7. When I am sick and watch TV it is usually on Home and Garden channel or on The Animal Planet. I just want to sleep when I am sick.

  8. I'm more of a movie and TV watcher when I'm sick too. I do like watching the romantic comedy ones, but have been known to do a Harry Potter marathon or even watch the Lord of the Ring trilogy.

  9. Hardly anything comforts me more when I'm sick than watching movies based on books--last time I was sick I watched the long Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth in it.

    And there's nothing better to nurse me through my hatred of cold weather than bundling up and watching Body Heat.

  10. Marie:

    I hope you're feeling better today! It's interesting that you'd write this post. I've been sick most of the day. Basically, a migraine. It started mid-morning and peaked a couple of hours ago. The Advil finally kicked in, and I'm feeling human again.

    Before the pain became unbearable, I watched Episode 1 of Downton Abbey on It was really good, but by the end of it I couldn't look at my computer screen any more because of the pain. I'll get to the 2nd episode soon, before they remove the series from the site.

    Usually when I'm sick, I don't really want to watch anything. I curl up in a ball and try to sleep.

    Fellowship of the Ring ten years old?! When did that happen!?!

    The Calico Critic

  11. Movies always makes me feel better whether sick..bad day..depressed..etc...Romantic comedies are always good!! Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail always make be feel better!! Barbra Streisand movie marathons do the trick too!